Mission Statement

Patent Finance Consulting (PFC) creates new and unique opportunities that Japanese companies utilize their Intellectual Property (IP). We fully understand the technology and brand values of our clients to enhance their IP values. We sometime show their values to banks and investors to make up finance opportunity. Also, we introduce their technology to potential candidates to create IP transactions and M&A opportunities. We always challenge to change the IP business services from Japan.

About PFC

Patent Finance Consulting is the professional firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) business services in Japan. We provide IP valuation and appraisals that are used for finance, IP transactions and M&A. We also provide strategic management service of both business and IP to help our clients utilize their technology and brand. Based on our skilled market research, we provide our consulting service to maximize their business and R&D opportunities in early stages. PFC works with major Japanese electronics and pharmaceutical companies, and major Japanese companies, providing more than 100 IP valuations and consulting service cases.

Executive Management

Shinji Hino President & C.E.O

Shinji Hino has pioneered Intellectual property finance and business strategy in Japan and is continually striving to expand and develop this emerging market in the country. In 1992, He started his career in finance at Sanwa Bank, currently Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and it was here that he developed his expertise in project finance and structured finance.

In 2001, he graduated with an MBA from the Sloan Business School at MIT. Subsequently, he went on to become the CFO of an IT infrastructure start-up company. In 2004, he set up and formed Patent Finance Consulting, the IP business and financial services company devoted to IP finance in Japan. Since its inception Mr. Hino has overseen several IP finance, IP valuation and transactions at PFC with a deal record of over 100 cases.

Mr. Hino also frequently appears in lectures at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Patent Offices.